The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


ARTIST: rioghnach robinson
TRACK: thus spoke carly rae: a song of friedrich nietzsche
ALBUM: why do they let me out in public







here it is

the final damning evidence that i have no life whatsoever

lyrics at the original post here

so uh, by popular request, mp3 now downloadable here. second from the bottom

My father sent me this and now I can’t stop.

This is like the fourth time this crossed my dash, I finally played it.

Totally worth it this is a masterpiece.

oh. my. fucking. god.

this is so amazing you have to listen to it right now

I have never realized before that the thing that all my perky pop music was missing was LYRICS ABOUT HOW GOD IS DEAD AND LIFE IS PAIN but now that it has happened I see that of course this is the case

I think this is going to join sebstan getting hit in the face and small fuzzy bear fell in the snuggle pocket whoops on the list of posts that are basically always in my queueueueue

I finally found one that isn't lame
  •  1. If you’ve ever tried drugs or alcohol, what was your reason for first trying it?
  •   2. Do you think you could ever have an abortion if you unexpectedly turned up pregnant right this second?
  •   3. If you were far from home and needed to sleep for the night, would you choose to rent a crappy motel room for $60 or sleep in your car for free?
  •   4. Is there a color shirt you’d NEVER wear?
  •   5. Is there a situation where you caved into peer pressure and regretted it?
  •   6. What is your favorite video game console? Why?
  •   7. Do you like vanilla candles?
  •   8. Have you ever been in a relationship that was going great, and then suddenly something weird happened and you just KNEW it was going to be over soon?
  •   9. Would you ever bleach your hair platinum blonde?
  •   10. What are your plans for tomorrow?
  •   11. What did you have for breakfast?
  •   12. Have you had sex in 2013 yet?
  •   13. Who last slept in your bed besides you?
  •   14. What time did you wake up today?
  •   15. How long until your next birthday?
  •   16. What was the last movie you watched?
  •   17. If you could see any musician live, front row, who would you choose?
  •   18. When did you last consume something that had peanut butter?
  •   19. What’s the last song you heard?
  •   20. When you say you love someone, do you mean it?
  •   21. Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow?
  •   22. Do you still talk to any of your ex’s?
  •   23. As of this minute, what is going through your mind?
  •   24. Where’s the last place you went?
  •   25. Have you held hands with anyone lately?
  •   26. Has anyone let you down recently?
  •   27. Does it bother you when people try to make you jealous?
  •   28. Whats the next movie you want to see in theaters?
  •   29. Do you have more than $50 in your room?
  •   30. Are both of your blood parents still in your life?
  •   31. Were you tired when you woke up this morning?
  •   32. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
  •   33. When was the last time you went apple picking?
  •   34. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning, lay in bed and think about life?
  •   35. Are you happy summer is coming soon?
  •   36. Do you have drama in your life?




"what’s a queen without her king?" well, historically, better

also, in the british monarchy, if a queen is on the throne, there isn’t a king. her husband is a prince. BUT if a king is on the throne, his wife is a queen. which truly shows that the country can be ruled without a king but can’t without a queen.


What if a Queen marries a woman, or a King marries a man? It’s probably never happened before, but what would be their titles?

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i don’t care about doctor who at ALL anymore and it legitimately makes me sad i miss loving that show

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yes homo; a playlist for ladies loving ladies

i didn’t just kiss her - jen foster // who’d have known - lily allen // best song ever - gabrielle aplin // the wanderer - emilie mover // in your arms - kina grannis // little numbers - boy // closer - tegan & sara // midas touch - ellie goulding // i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - kate nash // biology - girls aloud // let her go - jasmine thompson // she keeps me warm - mary lambert // jenny (ballad version) lily sevin // swoon - imogen heap // barcelona - the plasticines // angels - the xx // sex rules - sky ferreira // fuck you/gonna get over you - sara bareilles // 1901 - birdy // love drunk - little mix // untouched - the veronicas // get lucky (feat. tanika) - naughty boy // maps - yeah yeah yeahs // sweater weather - kina grannis // take care - florence + the machine // parachute - cheryl cole // drove me wild - tegan & sara // my boots - lights // same love - angel haze // girlfriend - icona pop


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So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

Holy shit

do most anime openings got like a pacing system going on? cuz when I was in the 10th grade I tried swapping the 2nd Naruto opening with the OP music from at least 6 different animes and every single one of them worked flawlessly

they actually do, they’re very formulaic.

well, the openings were written by the same person so I wouldn’t be too surprised that they both follow a pattern

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Series One

Episode One: Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: Stream | Torrent

Series Two

Episode One: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Four: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Five: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Six: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent


- HERE you cand download the extension Hola to watch the BBC iPlayer outside the UK

- Here’s the unofficial official page of Facebook for the show fans

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Look at the notes, people! This post clearly works. Spread the word! As far as we’re aware, people who don’t like In The Flesh are just people who haven’t seen it yet, so don’t deprive them any longer :)